You need to feel completely secure and safe in your own home. And most of the time you are.  But sometimes, your attention to security can slip, and locks or other security measures get damaged or become outdated.

That’s why it is good to take a few steps back now and again to make sure your home security is still gold standard. You need to be confident your home and your family are protected. Here’s what you need to do.

Home security audit

Sadly, many people only think about their home’s security after something has gone wrong – for example, after a burglary or act of vandalism. We help people secure their homes after burglary, and it’s so frustrating when we see measures the homeowner could have taken to stop the burglary from taking place in the first place.

Audit your security before you have an incident and you will reduce the risk of going through this terrible experience.

While a basic home security audit is something you can do yourself, you can also get professional help. A good security company will offer a free, no-obligation security audit as part of their services. 

During a security audit, professionals will examine the security measures on your home and assess them against the latest standards. If you do it yourself, you will need to do research first to understand what the latest standards are.

The aim is always to see if your security measures are doing the job, or if there is something else that might do it better. Are window locks loose and not locking properly?  Does your gate lock properly or can someone simply push it open? These and many more questions can be part of a home security audit.

Simple security upgrades

Security professionals can also make recommendations so you get the very best security measures within your budget. There are several security upgrades you can make that don’t have to be very costly. Some may even cost you nothing, just a little time to check they are up to standard. A couple of examples of things to check and upgrade include:

  • Are your locks up to British Standard?  They will have a heart symbol on them to show this
  • Can you see who is at the door without opening it fully?  A peephole or a security chain helps with this
  • Do you have lights outside the house and are they motion activated?

Top-quality locks

Without doubt, the locks on your doors and windows are the most important element of your home’s security. While they can be relatively easy to fit into some types of doors and windows, it is always best to have this done by a professional locksmith.

Even British Standard locks will only do their job if they are fitted correctly. That’s why it’s important to use professional locksmiths to fit all locks. If you’re unsure if your locks are properly fitted, ask a professional locksmith to check them for you.

Other steps to take

You can also go beyond the security of your property and work with neighbours to secure your whole neighbourhood. Schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch can be a great way to keep an eye open for each other and spot potential thieves and vandals before they act. 

Nextdoor, is an app that uses social media to connect people living close together to form communities and protect each other. It is often used by Neighbourhood Watch groups to communicate. 

Securing your home is always money well spent. If you need help with any security services such as locks, new doors or even steel reinforcements, called Security Masters for a free, no-obligation security audit. We’d love to help.