Do you know your neighbours? According to a study reported in the Independent, 73% of Britons don’t know the names of the people living next door.

Because neighbours are more likely to be strangers than friends, the founders of the app Nextdoor, had the idea to bring local people together using Social Media.

Nextdoor is different from other social networks because the goal is to make connections with people who live nearby. In an age where people feel more comfortable communicating digitally, Next-door is a way of reaching out to your neighbours and forming communities.

Today, Nextdoor is used around the world to connect people who live close to one another. People use the platform to lend or borrow items, make recommendations about local businesses or tradesmen, sell things and arrange community social gatherings.

As Security Professionals, we’re really pleased to see Nextdoor being used successfully to manage crime prevention initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch.

Here are some tips for using Nextdoor to fight crime in your neighbourhood.

  1. Get as many of your neighbours involved as possible. If you know some of your neighbours, why not divide up the street between you and invite everyone to create a profile? The more people who are registered in your area, the more eyes that are on the lookout for anything suspicious.
  2. Once you have a group of neighbours registered, invite them via Nextdoor for a get-together. You’ll find people are more likely to watch out for each other if they have met face-to-face.
  3. Create a private group for your neighbourhood. This means the information you share, including notifications and messages, will only go to people in your group.

You’ll also find us on Nextdoor, offering advice about home security services, including helpful tips and tricks for keeping your property and family safe.

Are your neighbours on Nextdoor? Why not find out?