You mightn’t have heard of it, but National Home Security Month (or NHSM for short!) is now in its fourth year and helping homes across the UK to stay more safe and secure.

As a homeowner, this October, the NHSM campaign should be one of your first ports of call for up-to-date security tips and tricks.

For the entirety of October 2018, the NHSM blog will be providing top tips on home security to keep you, your home and your family safe. So ahead of it kicking off, we’re here to tell you what’s in store!

Though home security is more well-publicised than it has been in the past, homeowners still don’t make it the priority they should. Some research shows that, in the UK, a burglary occurs every 40 seconds… and London is a particularly troublesome spot for home security problems.

It’s therefore clear that plenty of homes are still being left vulnerable, which is what NHSM is seeking to change… and it’s what we’re keen to promote!

Throughout the month of October, you can check the blog here:

Updates will be posted regularly and will cover themes such as why the winter makes you vulnerable, smart security gadgetry, how to secure your outbuildings and loads more.

The website also offers home security checklists and other documents to keep you safe. Everything is broken down simply and clearly, making it an insanely accessible database for anyone wanting to protect themselves, their family and their valuables.

Whether or not you think your home is vulnerable, you should check out the blog… because burglars exploit weaknesses which you may not even be aware of. Whatever you think you know about home security, burglars know much more, so you can only stay ahead of the trends by keeping up to date.

Burglars in London utilise countless underhand tactics and tricks, which is why burglary in England’s capital is so rife… so if you protect yourself only through instinct, then you are undoubtedly vulnerable.

The NHSM blog is designed to keep you safe with general tips, but all homes and homeowners require bespoke needs to be truly secure, whether it’s related to your area, your current security features or the design of your property.

If you want more specific advice and assistance around the needs of your particular home, get in touch with us. We offer free security audits to each and every homeowner in London and have plenty of advice on how you can keep yourself safe.

I’ll be posting a lot on Twitter and Facebook during October on NHSM and sharing all their tips with you, so follow me here on Twitter and here on Facebook. Tweet with #NHSM18 See you there!

We’re one of London’s top locksmiths and we know how to keep you safe. With us and the NHSM combined, you have a titanic team on your side to keep you protected!