In my last blog I talked about WHERE TO GET ADVICE on securing your property. One thing you could do is seek the advice of an approved locksmith. At Security Masters we are full members of the Master Locksmiths Association, so you can be confident that you’ll receive sound advice.

We are happy to perform a free security survey of your property if you are in South London or Kent within the M25, for example SE, BR and DA postcodes. If you’re unsure though, please call us to enquire.

During our security survey we will look at the inside and outside of your property. We look at windows, locks, doors, sheds, fences and any other perimeters where access is likely to take place.

We will also advise you if we think visibility into your property is an issue. Visible items tell burglars what they can expect to steal, so TVs and electrical equipment on view are a dead giveaway. An expensive car on the driveway may also make your home vulnerable to car thieves, so if you have a garage we suggest you use it and don’t leave car keys in an obvious place.

Some burglaries are the result of opportunists gaining access via an easy point of entry. They will get in any way they can, by jemmying or smashing a window for example. They often lock your front door to prevent you getting in. This gives them time to fill up a bag with any consumable items they can easily carry, such as jewellery and DVDs. If you try to get back in while they are there, the locked front door gives them time to escape back through the way they originally got in. Often, if we receive a call from someone who can’t get in to their property, we advise them to take a good walk round to make sure there are no signs of a break in.

Blocks of flats can also be vulnerable, when burglars work their way through a building knocking on all the doors. They can then break in to all the empty properties, so make sure you have a good strong, secure front door even if you live in an access controlled building.

If you have very expensive items, you may wish to consider a safe or a strong room. Some families also consider having a ‘panic room’ which is a safe room to run to, in the event of a burglary while at home. We listen to your fears and can advise you on the most effective and appropriate security for your type of property and the area you live in. Any security you add needs to be in keeping with your property and area, otherwise it could have an adverse effect on selling your property. For example, CCTV might be in keeping with a large, detached gated property or a commercial property. Don’t forget, your local Community Police can also advise on security matters.
Wherever you live, make sure you have the best security in place that you can and help me, the burglar annoyer, to keep unwanted intruders out of your property.

Author : Security Master
Added on : 2013-09-09