For a while now, we’ve all been at home more than usual. That means high occupancy levels and also fewer holidays where we leave the home for a week or so. As restrictions are lifting, we will see more of a normal pre-pandemic routine returning. But there’s a risk we’ve become a little lax about home security. So how can we make it back into a habit without scaring the family with the threat of burglars and thieves? 

The routines needed

The first thing to consider is what needs to be included in your security checklist, whether it’s a mental process you follow or a physical list that’s pinned on the board somewhere in the home. 

Basic steps include checking your window and door locks are in top condition and work smoothly. These are the primary defence against anyone casually trying to enter the home. If there’s any sign that locks are malfunctioning, call a qualified locksmith to check them. 

Other routines involve thinking about where items are left and how easy it is for potential intruders to see them. A classic example is leaving car keys on a table beside a window – easy to spot from outside, they can entice a car thief to break the window to get them. 

Outside security 

Home security also includes areas outside of the home and what we leave unsecured in the garden. 

It’s important to have solid locks on sheds and outbuildings as these deter the casual thief looking for easy access. Also, think about using lockable buildings to store valuable items that stay outside.  

Bike sheds are becoming popular – make sure they are always locked securely as bike theft is common especially in London. Plus encourage the kids to put toys away somewhere safe once they have finished with them. 

Personal security 

Finally, as you go out and about more, it’s worth remembering the basics of personal security too. Little steps like asking who’s at the door before opening it or making sure the outside lights are on, all help to reduce the risk of a break-in. 

Likewise, we can all do our bit to help out elderly friend and neighbours to make sure they are safe and secure. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch and stay vigilant around the neighbourhood when you’re at home. 

Making it a little fun 

Home security can seem a little scary for kids because of the reasons behind it. But you can always make it more of a game. Get children into good security habits when they are young, and they are less likely to become victims of crime as they get older. 

If you need help with your home or business security, please contact us for a no-obligation security audit. Stay safe!