When we park our cars at work or the shops, we’re always a little cautious and look around. Are there cameras? Is it easy to spot if someone tried to break in?   

But when we’re at home, it’s easy to forget the risk is just as real. So what can you do to reduce the risk of car theft at home? 

The type of vehicle doesn’t matter 

There are lots of myths and stories about car theft and most of them are just that – stories. For example, some people say that certain types of car are more likely to be broken into while others are left alone. 

The reality is that it depends on the thief. If they are stealing a specific car for a reason, then they will only focus on that car.  

For example, thieves who want to use a car to ram into a building will look for ones with a sturdier bumper setup that will do the job. The make and model aren’t important, it’s the style of the car they’re interested in. 

On the other hand, the opportunist who sees something valuable in the car isn’t even looking at the vehicle – only what they can steal from inside it. Yes, some cars with more advanced security may deter them a little but smashing a window and grabbing something can be done with any type of car. 

How to reduce the risk of car theft at home 

All of this doesn’t mean you’re helpless and can’t control what happens. As someone who has had their van broken into, I know how frustrating it can be. So let’s consider a few steps you can easily take to reduce the risk of it happening to you. 

Security lights

Security lights are a simple deterrent that can protect your car, your home and even your garden shed. They will deter casual thieves who are looking for an easy opportunity by making it more likely that they’ll be seen. 

CCTV cameras 

Perhaps the best deterrent is the presence of a CCTV system. Few thieves will want to take the chance of being recorded, even if they are covering their face as there are so many things police can learn from footage to catch them. And career thieves know the police are much more likely to pursue the case if there’s video evidence.  

Garage security 

If you store your car in a garage, having top-level locks on the garage is an important part of protecting your car and your home. They should be to the same high standard as the rest of the house to ensure they are as difficult to break as possible. 

Hide valuables in cars 

This final deterrent works at home, at work or anywhere else. Remove the temptation and you can help reduce the risk. One of the most common things that thieves break in for is house keys. Don’t keep them in the car when you aren’t in it.   

Also hide valuables like sat-nav systems, smartphones, portable DVD players or other electrical items, or don’t leave them in the car when you are away from it. That way there’s nothing to tempt the thief to try and break in. 

For more information and advice about the security of your home or business, contact us. We’re here to help.