Home burglaries are a threat we are all aware of. Local newspapers often feature stories of homes that suffered damage or theft and the consequences of this. The Met Police are now recommending CCTV systems for homes as well as businesses.  

If you’re considering a CCTV security system for your home, here’s what you need to know.  

Why the police are recommending CCTV 

CCTV systems are a common sight in shops and other business properties but not as much in homes. However, in a recent report into burglaries in London, the police said that one of the biggest problems was that over three-quarters of burglars were never identified. 

Their solution is to advise homeowners to have a CCTV system fitted to help protect their homes. And if the worst does happen, then you have irrefutable evidence of who broke in that can be used in court and ensure that the burglar doesn’t get away with it. 

The police are investing money, manpower, and tech into reducing the burglary rate and prosecuting the criminals involved. But homeowners can do their bit to help improve that detection rate and get a few more of those criminals off the streets. 

Benefits of CCTV for homeowners 

Being able to offer the police footage after a burglary or other crime is a big benefit of a CCTV system. But it isn’t the only reason to consider having one. 

For starters, having one of these systems is an effective deterrent for burglars. They know that there is a good chance they will be caught on camera and this often is enough to put them off trying to break into your home. 

In addition, CCTV systems help you keep an eye on what’s happening at home when you’re not there which is great for your peace of mind. Whether you’re out for the day or on holiday, you can check in on your property via the internet. 

Finally, CCTV systems can provide you with evidence if there is an incident at home. This could be useful for insurance claims, especially in cases where the cause of the problem is in question. 

How to get a system installed 

Lots of people are turning to doorbell cameras as a security option and while these are great, they can’t beat a full CCTV system with comprehensive coverage. However, fitting one of these systems isn’t a DIY job and should be handled by a professional. 

Here at Security Masters, we have been fitting CCTV systems for homes and businesses for many years. We know the latest tech, the most reliable systems and the best places to locate the cameras to ensure your home is as protected as possible. 

We can visit the property to carry out a security audit and offer advice on making it more secure as well as adding cameras. Then we can carry out the work and ensure everything is done to the highest standard. Don’t leave your home vulnerable, take the extra step and add CCTV. 

If you have questions or concerns about the security of your home, we’re here to help. Contact us today to book a no-obligation security audit