Security cameras or CCTV systems have been a common sight around town centres and shops for many years. Having this kind of system around your home is also a well-established idea, if less popular than with shops. However, in recent times, another option has emerged – doorbell cameras or video doorbells.

But how do you compare doorbell cameras vs security cameras? And what’s the best option for your home? Let’s compare the two.

What is a doorbell camera?

A doorbell camera is a combination of a doorbell with a small camera that allows you to see a small area around your front door, directly in front of the doorbell. Amazon’s Ring is one of the best known and there are other brands available.

These cameras are very versatile and can be installed easily in your front door area. They not only allow you to hear when someone is at the door but to use a device such as a smartphone to see who it is. Some even allow you to speak to the person so if you are out in the garden, you can tell them you’ll be there in a moment.

What is a security camera?

A security camera is either a standalone device or one of a series placed around your home that can move around and surveil a selected area. They are often mounted relatively high up to give them coverage of windows and doors or outbuildings.

They connect with smartphone apps or a dedicated system and can record footage or allow you to view in real-time what is happening around your house. You can also have features such as connections with house alarms or motion sensor security lights to create a comprehensive security system.

What’s the best option?

There’s no right or wrong answer about which of these systems is the best but there are a few things to consider to help you choose.

With a doorbell camera, there’s a limit to the scope of what it can see – usually just the area immediately in front of the camera. They often also have a limit to how long they record images for – Amazon’s Ring records for 20 to 60 seconds.

However, with a security camera, you can record for much longer, and often they come with services that allow you to record off-site and have backups of those images for a certain period of time. They naturally record a much larger area and can be networked to provide extensive cover.

Doorbell cameras are very user friendly to install and less expensive than a security camera, so if you want a simple, cost-effective option, this might work nicely. However, a full security camera can easily be installed by a qualified professional who can optimise where to locate it to have maximum impact for your security.

Securing your home

Doorbell cameras are a simple and cost-effective way to add some basic security to your home and are a handy feature to see who’s at the door. But they aren’t a solution that can replace a full home security camera.

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