This October, Security Masters will once again support National Home Security Month (NHSM). This event takes place every October to highlight myths and issues around our home security and combat problems such as theft or vandalism.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking home security is something for the wealthy – people like footballers with all their trophies and expensive stuff! But the reality is that anyone can be broken into as burglars are often looking for simple items such as TVs or computers that are easy to sell. Those personalised trophies are much harder to pass on than your smart TV!

NHSM highlights a range of common security problems but there are a few key issues that we all need to keep front of mind. 

Your front door

How securely do you lock your door at night when you go to bed? Over 5% of burglaries each year take place because the burglar simply walked into the home when the door wasn’t locked.  

Not only that but insurance companies can refuse to pay out if you don’t take all possible steps to protect your home – so an unlocked door could mean a declined claim.

Using your locks is important but having the right locks is also crucial. That’s why every year during National Home Security Month, we remind our customers about the importance of having their locks checked by a professional locksmith

Upgrading your security

One of the fascinating developments in recent years has been the range of smart technologies that have come onto the home security market. This means that you can have products like CCTV camera systems that connect to your smartphone installed at a fraction of the cost that it would once have been to install a traditional CCTV system.

Another area of focus during NHSM is to look at smart ways to upgrade your security.  Do you have outbuildings that need camera monitoring? How secure are your window frames and locks? Do you have vulnerable areas in your garden that need better lighting? We can assess what you have and what you might need to upgrade your security in efficient ways according to your budget.

Keep your home and your family safe

No one wants their home to feel like a fortress, but it is important that your family feels secure and your possessions are protected. According to NHSM, nearly 30% of all homeowners have no security in place. This leaves them terribly vulnerable to thieves and vandalism.  

Don’t fall into that trap. Join with us to promote NHSM to your friends and family and let’s keep everyone safe this winter.