Welcome to the final instalment of Teddy’s Christmas Journey.

So it all began one cold November in the North Pole at Santa’s workshop. Teddy was lovingly made with soft golden fur and beautiful brown eyes. On Christmas day, Teddy was delivered by Santa to a young 7 year old boy called David where he lived in Greenwich. 

A few days after Christmas, David’s parents had booked a week away in the Bahamas and they convinced David that Teddy would be safer at home. Unfortunately, while the family were away they had a burglary at their home and Teddy had been gathered up with a number of other items by the burglars and later discarded. You can read part two of the story here.

Having been discarded, Teddy was spotted by someone walking past, who took him home and cleaned him up. Teddy’s new owner chucked him in the back of his car and Teddy did a tour of South London as a mascot for his business. Eventually though, the novelty wore off and Teddy just sat alone and unloved in the boot of the car.

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Now, because it’s Christmas we have to give the story a happy ending. So, a few months later Teddy’s new owner donated Teddy and a number of other items such as clothes and shoes, to a local charity and would you believe it, the charity shop was quite close to where young David lived. Teddy was put on display in the charity shop’s window and of course David knew instantly when he passed by the shop one day with his Mum, that the Teddy in the window was his. In fact David knew without a shadow of a doubt. So, luckily David’s mum was able to buy Teddy back and return him to David, his rightful owner.

Now happy endings like this one rarely happen in real life! Low value items are very often taken in burglaries and may hold no real value except sentimental value to their owners. Do you remember in part two that the burglars also stole some small items of jewellery, a digital camera which had some previous holiday photos on, some music CDs and some DVDs? Well, it just so happens that there was a brooch in the items of jewellery that David’s Grandma had given to his Mum before she passed away a few years ago. The digital camera had about 100 photos from their last holiday with his Grandma that had never been downloaded. David’s Mum was devastated, even though these items had no real financial value. The sad part was, that she could never replace them in a million years!

So before we leave you for Christmas this year, please get some advice on your home security. Our home security survey is free in Greenwich, Beckenham, Bromley, Lewisham and other towns close to Eltham in SE9.

Don’t leave your home vulnerable at one of the most likely times of the year to be burgled. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve your home security if necessary and it may save you and your family from a great deal of heartache, loss and anxiety.

Please stay safe and keep your loved ones secure. So, for now we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from myself and all the family here at Security Masters.

Best wishes – Mark

Author : Security Master
Added on : 2015-12-14