We all have valuable items that we wouldn’t want to lose. By valuable in this particular sense, I mean the items that cost a lot of money. If you were broken into and your high value televisions, PCs, laptops, iPads and stereo equipment were stolen, how distressing would that be? However, how about those items of equal, if not more value for other reasons?

We all have items of sentimental value in our homes. Sentimental items may not be high value in terms of cost, but that’s because in reality their value cannot be measured. These items have memories attached to them like who gave them to us, where we were when we were given them or what the occasion was. Sometimes they were left to us by a loved one in their will. Perhaps it’s a piece of jewellery, a pen or an old photograph in a frame that there are no negatives for or any other copies in existence. Even a vinyl LP record, CD or DVD may invoke a very fond memory.

If we are the victim of a burglary and our belongings are stolen, sentimental items are irreplaceable. Even the items that can be replaced have the original memories replaced by those relating to the burglary.

I met a couple some years ago who hired a hall for their wedding reception. They were given lots of lovely wedding gifts by their guests. At the end of the evening, rather than transporting all the presents to their home late at night, they locked up the hall and went home, having agreed to collect them the following morning. Overnight, the reception hall was broken into and all their wedding presents were stolen. The gifts were eventually replaced by insurance but the bride and groom could never replace the memory of losing their wedding presents and the distress of never receiving all the cards and messages attached to them. In fact they said that their wedding presents never brought back happy memories of their wedding day.

Being the victim of a burglary often removes the feeling of safety in our homes. Our safe havens can suddenly become a place that we no longer love or want to spend time in. Losing our belongings can cause a great deal of distress. Burglars will often damage, destroy or steal sentimental items just for the sake of it, not because they can sell them.

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Author : Security Master
Added on : 2014-02-21