For many of us, this summer represents the first chance to have a real holiday since the pandemic started. Sure, we might have had a weekend away or visited family for a few days. But a proper foreign holiday hasn’t been on the cards for many of us for a couple of years.  

There’s lots to prepare when going away, especially when you have kids. But there’s one area that is important to take a little time to consider and that’s your home security. 

While you’re away, is your home as safe and secure as possible? Let’s look at the main areas to consider. 

Preparing for your holiday 

Amid all the fun stuff, there are a few things you’ll want to do in the lead up to your holiday to make sure your home is safe. Examples of these tasks include: 

  • Ensuring that the main locks on all of your doors are working properly 
  • Have the burglar alarm serviced if needed and check it works properly 
  • Make sure security systems such as CCTV and security lights are working as required 
  • Tell trusted neighbours that you are away and ask them to park on the drive periodically so it looks like someone is there if your car isn’t going to be left at home 

You may want to think about having a security audit carried out by a professional security expert. We offer a service where we check all potential weak spots around the house as well as locks and other security measures. Then we can recommend improvements as necessary to make your home more secure. 

Just before you leave 

The last set of tasks is the ones you do just before you leave to make sure everything is in place. These might include: 

  • Ensuring all window locks are in place and working properly 
  • Give details of a key holder to your alarm company if there’s a monitored alarm at home 
  • Move valuables so they are out of immediate sight of windows 
  • Put away any tools or ladders lying around in the garden 

Other tips for a secure home during holidays 

While you might be excited about your holiday, resist the urge to tell everyone on social media when you are going away. While most people will simply be happy for you that you are going somewhere nice, there’s always a chance that someone less desirable sees the post and knows when your home is most vulnerable. 

Make sure the house looks lived in. Lights that come on at natural times are a simple measure that can be done with a timer or smart plugs. Also ask a neighbour to grab the post a couple of times during the week and move it away from the letterbox so if someone peers in, they don’t get the clue you aren’t there. 

If you get regular deliveries or have anything being delivered while you are away, cancel or change them. You don’t want parcels or other items stacking outside the house as this is a telltale sign that no one is home. 

Follow these simple measures and you’ll be perfectly placed to have an amazing holiday and a safe home to return to afterwards! 

If you’d like the peace of mind to know your home is secure this summer, contact us for a security audit. We’re here to help you.