I hope you’ve all had a good month. In April every year, we launch our ‘Love your Locks’ campaign. In the past, we have invited you to send us anonymous photos of your locks so that I can tell you how effective they are. We usually encourage home and business owners to use British Standard locks, often recognisable by the heart like symbol below.


One of the most important things of course, is whether you’re covered by insurance in the event of a burglary. Were you asked any questions about your locks when you completed your insurance application? Were you able to answer with certainty which type of lock you have?

Why not ‘Love your Locks’ this year by using our new service? The service is called SecureInsure and is for both domestic and commercial customers.

You can have a free full security audit by our team at Security Masters with a written risk report. We can then refer you to a local insurance broker in Bromley, Croydon or Welling, depending on your location, so that you can get the best insurance policy possible, providing your security meets the minimum insurance requirements.

If your security doesn’t meet the minimum insurance requirements, we will recommend what needs to be done, in terms of security upgrades, to ensure your home or business security does meet the minimum insurance requirements. You are under no obligation to have this work completed by us, but we will be happy to help if you want us to.

With our advice, you will have peace of mind that providing you take the necessary precautions, you won’t get a nasty shock if you need to make a claim.

This brand new service has just launched, so give us a call on 020 8850 8356 and we will be happy to carry out the free full security audit.

Of course, it’s not only about the financial impact of a loss of personal belongings or essential business items. Read this article from Victim Support for example, on the emotional impact of burglary. It makes sense to ensure you do everything you possibly can to avoid being burgled.

Until next time, stay safe!


Author : Mark Radford
Added on : 2016-04-25