Welcome to part 3 of our 2015 ‘Love your Locks’ campaign, where we raise awareness about the types of locks many of us have in our homes and offices and how effective they are.

‘Love your Locks’ is taking a tour of a home this year and in our last post Love Your Locks and Prevent Burglaries 2015 – Part 2, we took a good look at French doors, patio doors and back doors.

Now it’s time to take a look at the front of the home.

So, front doors are most likely to be wooden if they aren’t UPVC nowadays.  UPVC front doors are more likely to have multipoint locks, which as I’ve said previously, are preferable. Some older UPVC doors could be more vulnerable, so it is worth asking a qualified locksmith to check them. In the case of wooden front doors, again a multipoint lock is best, but if not then a deadlock to British Standard BS3621, like the one below, is recommended. See the heart shaped symbol? That is the kitemark and a sign of a good quality lock.

BS3621 Lock

Try to go for anti snap locks wherever possible, as these are more difficult to compromise and there is a much wider range of these available now.

Of the two locks below, the bottom one is anti snap. There is an extra section at the key end, that ensures the integrity of the barrel remains intact in the case of lock snapping. 

Anti snap lock

Timber doors can also benefit from additional reinforcing around the frame to help prevent them being forced open.

What else should you be aware of? Well, your windows should have key operated locks and you should consider other things that may assist burglars to gain access. For example, an older steel drainpipe is much stronger and easier to climb than a modern plastic one. 

Steel Drainpipe

If you have a flat roof adjacent to your property, a porch or even wheelie bins that may assist burglars to reach higher floors, don’t leave upper floor windows open or unlocked. To counter both the drainpipe and porch issues, you could consider window grilles for added security.

Porch Roof

So, that’s it for our 2015 ‘Love your Locks’ campaign. I hope you’ll take a good walk round your homes, work premises and offices to see where you may be vulnerable.  We offer a free security survey in SE, DA, BR and some East London postcodes and it really is without obligation. We will give you honest, professional advice on where you could be vulnerable, or of course tell you the good news if you have sufficient security in place to deter burglars.

Don’t forget, if you just need some friendly advice, we are always happy to help.

See you next time, when I will give some advice on personal safety for those heading off to festivals this summer.

Author : Mark Radford
Added on : 2015-06-10