We are making April 2014 #LoveYourLocks month here at Security Masters and we need your help to spread the word.

So what’s it all about I hear you ask? Well, we all spend a lot of money on buying fabulous items for our homes such as furniture, televisions, computers, mobile phones and even expensive cars either in a garage or on the road, with their keys accessible somewhere in our houses. Then, we sometimes forget that the only thing keeping them safe are our windows and doors but most importantly, the locks we have in place.

We have seen all types of locks over the years. You could say we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Most people don’t have their locks checked on a regular basis as we do with having our cars checked with a service or an MOT. Locks get old and may not be as effective as you think. When you moved into your current house, did you change the locks as a matter of course? There may still be spare keys floating around with friends or family of the previous owners.

So April’s love your locks month is about raising awareness about the locks you have, their quality and what sort of locks you should consider replacing them with.

The BS3621 Kitemark

The kitemark is why we have called April love your locks month. It looks very much like a heart. The kitemark to British standard BS3621, is the insurance standard and home owners need to be aware that if your locks are not up to this standard, your insurance company don’t have to pay out if you are burgled. Click here to find out more about the kitemark.

BS3621 Kitemark

Please take a look at the kitemark pictured here and then take a look at your main door locks to see if it’s there. If for some reason it isn’t, then let us know so we can advise you on the type of lock to consider replacing it with. Also, if you have a different symbol, take a photo of your lock and send it to us with as much information as possible, such as the make and approximate age. Send your photos by text to 07983 359061 or by email to info@securitymasters.net with the subject ‘love your locks’ and we’ll tell you what sort of lock you have. We will be creating a blog called ‘Pick of the Locks’ during April with photos of the locks and useful information about them. No one will know but the lock owner whose lock is being described.

Let’s have some fun with this but ultimately let’s make sure your homes are safe. The safety of our families has to be paramount, as well as securing the contents of our homes. So please share this information with everyone you know and let’s get some buzz around love your locks in April.


Author : Security Master
Added on : 2014-03-30