The hectic fun of Christmas offers a good excuse to sip some sherry, tuck into a Christmas cake and indulge in a bit of mindless telly. But exactly because of our complacency at this time of year, it makes the festive season a lucrative time for burglars, whose activity rises in the weeks leading up to the big day.

In the battle against Christmas burglars, it’s important to consider why they use this time to exploit home security all over the city:

  • Cold weather makes homeowners less likely to properly maintain home security.
  • Homes at this time of year are brimming with gifts. Burglars are fully aware of the potential treasure trove waiting to reward their crimes.
  • Dark nights make subterfuge easier, meaning that burglars have more time and means to hide in the cover of the gloomy evenings.

With that in mind, keeping the burglars at bay during this period is essential… and there are lots of ways to keep yourself, your home and your gifts safe and secure:

Stay well-lit

Use lights to keep your home well illuminated and light up any potential dark cover. Motion sensor lights are great… or you can fully indulge in the Christmas spirit and light up your home with festive flashing lights.

Check doors and windows for weak spots

Don’t invite burglars in with easy access points. Make sure your doors and windows are doing what they’re there to do.

Keep curtains closed at night

This will mask any potential haul that burglars might try to get their hands on. Keep your gifts very safely stowed away from windows. A visible gift offers a big invitation to a cheeky chancer.

Dispose of packaging carefully

If a burglar spots pricey packaging in your bin, they know the expensive insides are hiding in your home somewhere.

Keep a look out for suspicious behaviour

Most burglars will scope out a neighbourhood before they strike. Cut them off early by being wary and aware. Communicate closely with neighbours to make sure you’re all being vigilant.

Keep lights on when you’re not at home

Whether you’re only away for a few moments or a number of days, keep your home lit at night with timers. Burglars will assume you’re at home, and therefore be deterred.

Update your home security

This one is the most important. If your home security is good, with sufficient locks, lighting and even CCTV, burglars are far less likely to strike.

If you’re on the hunt for home security upgrades, and you want a company to help you beat the London Christmas burglars, we’re the team to do it.

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To improve your London home security and beat the Christmas burglars, give us a ring. We’ll make sure no-one stops you from having a merry Christmas.