If you’re a block manager and need help with fixing, maintaining and securing your building, talk to us.

We understand that it’s a big job and can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we provide a one-stop-shop for maintenance of common areas, health and safety hazards, and security issues.

We work with block managers throughout London and have been doing so for many years. Whatever your needs or concerns, we’ll sort you out.

We check, fix and maintain the following:

  • Security issues are our main area of expertise. We can spot security flaws which you may miss, enabling you to secure vulnerable areas that burglars seek to exploit.
  • Maintenance and repair of common areas, both internal and external. If common areas have damaged floors or broken fixtures, we’ll fix them for you. We also trim and prune hedges and bushes which not only makes your property look tidier, it may also deter burglars.
  • Health and safety issues, ranging from trip hazards to draughts.
  • Fire door installation, that meets legal requirements and keeps your tenants safe.
  • Lock improvement. When was the last time you checked your locks? It’s essential to check (and sometimes improve!) locks on a regular basis, because wear and tear on locks can leave them vulnerable to burglars.
  • Window checking, fixing, and fitting. We’ll look at your frames, hinges, panes, and locks to make sure your windows are secure and draught-free.
  • Access control, which dictates who can and can’t gain access to your block – crucial for security.
  • Door frame fixing and reinforcement. Weak door frames are one of the most-exploited block flaws, so it’s essential to properly and regularly check their integrity.
  • CCTV installation, to provide peace-of-mind, protection and deter burglars.
  • … and plenty more!

If you own a block, it’s understandable that you’re concerned about the safety of your building and your tenants, as well as the blow to reputation that an unfixed flaw can cause.

Whatever you’re worried about, we can help. Wear and tear, the potential for accidents and the safety of your tenants are all common and valid concerns… so get in touch and we’ll help you to keep on top of them all!

We’ll check for everything you’re concerned about in addition to other flaws – some of which you may not have spotted. We offer free, no-obligation security audits, so we can check your block to assess what help you might need before you decide to take any action.

Whether you need basic maintenance or substantial security upgrades, we’re here for you.

We’re hardworking, friendly, and experienced, and we’ve been working with London’s block managers for many years. We’re proven and proud members of the Master Locksmith’s Association.

For a bespoke approach to the security and maintenance of your block, your budget, and your tenants, you won’t find better than us. Get in touch.