Did you know – a fire-door should prevent a fire from spreading for upwards of 30 minutes? That is, if it is manufactured to certified standards and professionally installed using the correct components.

If you’re responsible for fire-doors in your place of work, you know how important they are. But most people probably don’t think about them at all – that is until they’re the only thing protecting them from a fire that could be life-threatening.

That’s why we’re pleased to share this short film made by the BMF Fire Door Alliance. It not only provides information about how fire doors work, but also the importance of professional installation and regular maintenance.

In this hard-hitting video, two similar doors are tested. One of the doors has been fitted according to the manufacturer’s specification, the other has not. The video clearly shows the danger you could be in if your fire-doors are not fitted professionally. Rather than holding up to a fire for 30 minutes or more, the fire-door that has been incorrectly installed doesn’t even last 5 minutes.

You might find it useful to share this video with your team, to raise awareness about the importance of fire doors. In the meantime, we’ve pulled out information about 5 quick checks you can do to see if your fire doors are safe. As the video makes clear, these checks can’t replace an inspection by professionals trained to install and maintain fire doors, but they may enable you to spot immediate problems.

Check 1: Your fire-door should be clearly labelled to show that it is certificated.

Check 2: Your fire-door should be marked correctly with clear signage.

Check 3: The door or the frame should have a combined fire and smoke seal and the gap should be an even 3 mm all around the door. The door should close correctly and the closing mechanism at the top should be fitted securely.

Check 4: The fire-rated hinges should be securely fitted and have no missing screws.

Check 5: The door should not be damaged in any way and should NEVER be propped open.

Remember, all fire-doors should be certified by a third party, fitted using compatible components and installed by professionals.

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