We currently work with block management companies and housing associations, including the Salvation Army, providing high quality property maintenance services at a very reasonable cost.

As a residential block manager, you know there’s a fine balance to be maintained between happy tenants, happy leaseholders and happy freeholders.

Managing block maintenance and security issues can be a real drag, especially if you’re using several different companies to carry out the works, but even more so if you need to get more than one contractor there at the same time. In fact, it can be almost impossible to get different contractors to agree on a time that works for everyone, including you.

Block management

That’s where we come in. Security Masters are a very well established security company, with extremely highly qualified locksmiths all over the country. However, we also have our HomeCare division who carry out all kinds of maintenance jobs for homeowners and block management companies.

For example, in apartment block communal areas, a risk such as a small piece of loose flooring could result in a health and safety hazard for your tenants. Vision panels fitted where there are double doors in our example photo below, mean that hazards beyond the first door can be seen.

Vision PanelsMeter Cupboard

You’ll also want to ensure you comply with fire regulations, by having fire doors fitted in apartment blocks and ensuring meter cupboards are fire resistant. Hand rails to help prevent tenants from falling down stairs or extra security measures, such as access controlled systems, can all make a huge difference.

We can help with all of this and we can paint and decorate communal areas and apartments between tenants. We can also carry out repairs and tidy and clear outside areas and gardens.

Hiring one company to take care of the security and maintenance for the residential blocks you manage, saves you time, money and stress. You can get the job done fast and efficiently, helping you to keep complaints from tenants to a minimum, resulting in happy leaseholders and so, happy clients. Why not give us a call for an informal, no obligation chat about your property maintenance needs.

Author : Mark Radford
Added on : 2016-08-29