With Christmas just around the corner, you’re no doubt enjoying a spot of retail therapy. Finding the perfect present for your loved ones can be tricky, but there’s no better feeling than seeing them open your gift and knowing that you got it right!

Unfortunately, crime statistics show that burglars often strike lucky at this time of year. Not only are homes more likely to be filled with expensive, desirable goods, people are often also distracted and busy – which means they are less security conscious.

While we love serving our customers, we do NOT enjoy helping them to clean up after a burglary, especially at this time of year. So, read on for 6 easy tips for keeping your home and family secure this Christmas.

  1. Make sure gifts stay out of sight. While a pile of shiny parcels under the tree looks pretty, if it can be seen from your window it might make you a target for burglary. If you can, move your tree and gifts so they can’t be seen, or keep the gifts hidden until Christmas morning.
  2. Be careful with packaging. Don’t advertise to burglars what you’ve bought by putting empty boxes in the rubbish bins outside your home. Either take them straight to recycling or keep them out of sight until just before the rubbish collection.
  3. Keep your house well-lit. Using motion sensors on the outside of your home is a proven deterrent for burglars. If you’re going away, invest in some timers for inside lights to give the illusion that someone is home. And NEVER make your home vulnerable by trailing external Christmas lights through an open window. Burglars are looking for someone to make that mistake. Don’t let it be you!
  4. Be careful what you post on Social Media. When you’re relaxed and happy and enjoying the festivities, it’s very easy to let your guard down and post pictures of your children enjoying their gifts or advertise the fact that you’re staying away from home. Be warned, thieves are tracking social media and posting could make you their target.
  5. Secure your shed. Burglars often break into garden sheds and garages looking for bikes (the most common household item stolen) and tools that they might use to gain entry to your house. Make sure your outhouses are locked and windows secure.
  6. Check your doors and windows. The most common way for thieves to break in is through the front door, so always keep it locked. Check the locks on your windows and doors conform to the British Standard – you’ll know this, if they carry the heart symbol.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas!