While locks are always top of the list of essential security measures for a home or business, there’s a strong case for security lights to be a strong second. Let’s take a look at the benefits so you can decide if your security lighting is ready for an upgrade.

What are security lights? 

Security lighting is a general term used for any lights that work internally or externally to protect your property. The term ‘security lights’ covers everything from motion-activated external lighting to lamps in the house scheduled to come on when it gets dark. 

These are the most popular forms of security lighting: 

  1. Motion-activated lights – suitable for any property, activation by motion sensors is a big deterrent for criminals and even mischievous kids playing pranks. They are also cost-effective as they don’t operate all of the time. 
  1. Timed security lights – suitable for any property, these can be set to light up at a particular time and switch off again. You can adjust them as darker nights fall and set them to operating for longer. 
  1. Floodlights – tend to be used by larger businesses without homes immediately around them. These are larger, stronger lights that usually operate with LED bulbs to cut costs. Some have motion-activated options and can be used around homes too. 
  1. Exterior soffit lights – these are installed in the overhang of the roof in homes and usually sit above a porch or the front door to provide illumination as you come in or out. 
  1. Outside lights – these come in many styles and can be added around the property, on timers or motion activated. They can also be decorative. 

Benefits of security lights 

There are plenty of options when it comes to security lighting, these are just a few of the basic categories. But why would you get them installed? 

The main reason is that lighting is a deterrent for anyone thinking about breaking into your property. Well-lit premises make thieves’ lives much more difficult, so they are less likely to target them. Paired with other security measures, security lights can prevent a break-in. 

Lighting is also important for peace of mind. People often feel safer coming and going from the house or work, especially on darker nights, when there is some kind of light. Lighting makes the immediate area easier to see and reduces the risk that a threat may be lurking. 

Finally, properties that are well secured can receive a reduction in their insurance premiums in some cases. And if you are looking to sell your home, the right security will make it more appealing to buyers. 

Making the most of the light 

Lighting plays an essential role in the security of your home and business. If you want to add or upgrade the security lights on your property, get in touch with Security Masters today for help and advice. Stay safe!