For many office-based businesses, it’s been a while since you were full to capacity.  There might have been no one other than the security staff around or maybe just a few workers whose jobs couldn’t be done at home. 

Now, as we move towards the end of restrictions (fingers crossed), office businesses will be able to open up to more staff again. But before you do, here are 5 items to check to make sure your security is up to the job. 

Make sure your access control system is up to date 

Many businesses use access control to ensure that the right people have the right access to different parts of the building. It’s also important for fire-safety because you know who is in the building. 

Staff could have come or gone since the last time your access control was updated. Or maybe some of your staff members have changed roles and need their access updating. 

If you make sure the data your access control system runs on is up to date, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you reopen.  

Ensure CCTV is comprehensive 

CCTV is both a security measure and a visual deterrent for anyone thinking about vandalism, theft or other criminal activity. It needs to be comprehensive enough to ensure it covers all areas of the business, especially places that customers can go but that staff cannot always easily see. So this is another area to check before full reopening. 

Are doors and windows secure? 

Not every business will need CCTV and access control but every business needs to have secure windows and doors. But when things aren’t in regular use, it is easy to miss that they may not be working as well as they should. 

Checking manually that all window locks and door locks are in good condition is something that should be done regularly. Look for signs of damage or locks that aren’t working as they should – and always watch for signs of tampering. 

Have the fire doors been serviced? 

Fire doors are a crucial part of fire safety protocols and a legal requirement. They also need to be serviced regularly to ensure they are working properly and that they are unobstructed. These requirements are also similar if you are in charge of block maintenance for a housing block or an office block. 

Are vulnerable areas well-lit?

Coming back to work is going to be strange and a little scary for people who have been working at home for almost a year and a half. Simple things can help them feel safe and secure. One of the simplest is to have well-lit vulnerable areas both inside and outside the building. 

This includes entrances, car parks, hallways and stairs. As well as making sure they are well-lit, consider extending CCTV coverage to provide peace of mind for your staff. 

Preparing for reopening

Taking a few steps to prepare for reopening will make it easier when we do get the full go-ahead to open up. It will also help to make the whole process feel more secure and safe for people returning to the office. 

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