Burglary has always been a big problem across London and while the lockdowns created an artificial lull in numbers, these stats are starting to creep up again. Some research shows there’s a burglary as often as every 40 seconds across the country and this number could be even worse in the capital. 

Preventing burglary entirely is difficult but you can make it harder for thieves to get what they want and you can make your home less vulnerable to criminals. Here are our tips about what burglars are most likely to want to steal and how to protect them.  

Inside the house 

Top of the list of most attractive things for theft in the house is technology such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and cameras. These items are easy to steal, easy to carry away and can be sold for good money. Having these devices on show advertises them for burglars so the trick is to put them out of line of sight of windows when not in use. 

The TV is another target, even with the larger screens many homes now have. TVs are still very portable and easy to sell and hiding them is harder as you can’t move them. But anything that diverts attention from them such as closing blinds can help. The same applies to audio equipment such as sound systems. 

Cash and jewellery are favourites for burglars as they are untraceable in the case of cash and easy to sell for most types of jewellery. Having these in locked boxes out of sight will help protect them. 

Outside the house 

People are spending more money these days on bikes and cycling equipment, but not always on secure storage for them! Having a solid locking bike shed or padlock system on your shed will help protect these items from theft. 

Power tools and gardening tools are popular with thieves. They are easy to carry away, simple to sell and can even be repurposed to help break into other homes. Again, good shed or garage security is important and putting everything away after using it helps too. 

Other valuables thieves target 

Golfing equipment can be kept in a variety of places including the house and garage but is always something thieves will grab if they spot it. It is a high-value item that can be easily sold. 

Spare keys need to be hidden well to ensure they don’t provide thieves with a simple way to get back into the house or to steal a car. 

Protecting your home 

Some thieves will target homes because of what they see around them or inside them and by taking steps to protect your property, you can put them off. But if you have the right security measures in place, this also reduces the risk of a burglary or makes it too difficult for most thieves to even attempt. 

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