More people than ever are using a bike to get them around, especially in cities like London where congestion is such a big issue. But using a bike comes with its own issues and top of that list is the potential for bike theft. So what can you do to keep your bike safe at home and also while you are at work?

Understanding bike theft

The latest stats show in the 12 months until April 2021, there were almost 113,000 bikes stolen in the UK and London remains the theft hotspot. There’s often an increase in thefts during warmer weather as more people use bikes to get around, to go on trips and to explore their local area.

But the dark nights offer easier targets for thieves so there’s nothing to say that these figures will drop as the year wanes. The key to reducing the chance of being one of these statistics is to have a solid system to protect your bike.

Bike security at home

We naturally secure our homes but sometimes we can forget about outbuildings security and storing possessions like bikes out of sight. So the first place to start reducing the risk of bike theft is where you store your bike at home.

It’s best to store all bikes in a locked shed or dedicated bike storage because these can be locked with a strong padlock. Using the best locks for outbuildings and sheds means they are much harder to break into and especially as they will cause a lot more noise which will put off many thieves.

Getting everyone into the habit of storing their bikes securely will also help with risk reduction. Kids are often prone to leaving their bikes in the front garden or on the drive but it is important to get them into the habit of storing the bike properly to help ensure it isn’t stolen.

Bike security at work

Many workplaces now offer dedicated spots to store bikes that have facilities to lock them in place and make it harder for theft to happen. D locks are one of the best types of bike locks and prevent both the wheel and the frame from being stolen. Look for locks that comply with the Sold Secure standard to ensure you have strong and difficult to remove locks.

Never leave your bike unlocked and try to keep it either in your line of sight or where other people can see it. Don’t leave any removable accessories on the bike such as lights as these are easy to steal.

Other bike security tips

While we hope the worst doesn’t happen, it never hurts to prepare anyway. Keep the receipt for your bike so if you ever need to claim, you can show your insurer what it cost. This will make a claim quicker and easier, especially if your bike is no longer available in the shops.

Consider registering with BikeRegister so that if your bike is taken and recovered, there’s a better chance that it will come back to you. They even provide a tamper-proof sticker to add to the bike to show it is registered.

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