It’s been a little while since we had a revamp of our website so it is great to announce that it is now live and we have updated all of our services to help you quickly and easily find the help you need.  

As experts in home security and professional locksmiths, we are here to help with a whole range of security-related issues and our website is the best place to find out what they are. 

What services do we offer? 

We offer a range of services that fall into two broad categories – help when something has gone wrong and help to reduce the risk of something happening.   

All of our services come with a free quote to help you ensure you are getting the best solution for your circumstances. 

Break-in repairs 

This is the service we hope you never need but if the worst happens and you do have a break-in, we are here to help.   

We offer a range of repairs including door and window frame replacements, temporary replacements to doors and windows and high-security steel doors and frames as permanent replacements. We also offer advice on improving security going forward. 

Door and window lock services 

Doors and window locks are a fundamental part of your home’s security system and as expert locksmiths, we know the right locks for the job.   

We can install a range of locks including mortice locks, dum cylinder night latches, security cylinders and maglocks. We also have options for patio and sliding doors, garage doors, key-operated locks and the latest in smart locks. 

Door frame repair or replacement 

Replacing a door frame or repairing it helps to strengthen the door and ensure locks work correctly. We can assist with everything from surveys and finding faults to making the repairs and even upgrading locks. 

Commercial services 

While some of these services are mostly for businesses, we can also provide them for homes where needed. 

Access control 

Access control systems are crucial to manage who can access a business property or even what parts of it. Our systems can be installed and then maintained by us and include code or pin keypad entry systems, magstripe cards, proximity tokens and integration with other security systems such as CCTV. 


CCTV system is an important part of your security. We supply and install these systems. We can also help ensure you are following government guidance on the use of systems and that they integrate with other security measures. 

Fire doors 

Ensure your business complies with fire rules by having the best fire doors in place. We can supply and install these as well as check them regularly to be sure they work as they should. 

Block management solutions 

We also offer a range of block management solutions for the maintenance of high rise and other apartment blocks. Our services include both emergency and ongoing support. 

Find us around the internet 

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