If your business is one of those that has been shut down during the latest lockdown period then security concerns have been pretty simple. Is the building protected as well as possible when no-one is there? But as you open again after lockdown, there are more things to consider. 

Here’s our list of things to check to make sure your business is security-ready for the return to work. 

Check the basics are still working properly 

There’s no way of knowing if thieves will see an open business as a better target than a closed one. But either way, it pays to cover the basics and make sure your security fundamentals that have protected the property during lockdown are still in top condition. 

Door and window locks are always a good starting place. Check they are up to British standard (and if not, we can help with that due to our locksmith services), and see if lack of use has caused them to stiffen. This sometimes means people can’t engage them when needed.  

Running a few tests on your burglar alarm or other security systems is something you can do before lockdown ends. That way you know that everything is working when you go home at the end of a busy day. 

Monitoring the property during the day 

One thing business owners often do is make the property secure on a night-time or outside business hours. But they don’t always think about security during the day.  There are some measures you might want to consider, especially with the lingering COVID restrictions in place. 

One example is access control. For buildings that don’t have a steady flow of customers or who have decent sized non-customer areas, controlling who has access to these areas is important. Not only is it good for security but also for fire safety. Plus you can always trace who has been in the building if there’s a coronavirus outbreak. 

Why everyone needs CCTV 

If there’s one thing that every business needs but not everyone has, it’s CCTV. Locks and an alarm are the first points of the security plan but having CCTV is both a big security factor and an excellent deterrent. 

If your business doesn’t have this kind of system, they are both easier to fit and probably less expensive than you think. With the range of different products available, there’s something for almost every budget. 

Not only can you have the property watched when you aren’t there but it also helps deter shoplifters when you are. And it’s really useful for providing evidence to the police if there is a crime. Plus you can always see who’s in the building. 

Be ready for lockdown ending 

Getting your business ready for the end of lockdown and reopening to the public is a big step and the security side of things isn’t something you should ignore. If you need help, advice or just a quick security check, contact us.