For most of us, home security is an important consideration but not one we spend a huge amount of time thinking about. We have routines to follow, things we’ve taught the kids to do to make the house safe as possible plus we might do occasional checks on door and window locks. As the dark nights come in, we might think a little more about security lights and locking the side gate. 

But what about if you want to do a proper security audit? What would you add to your checklist to ensure that everything is as safe as possible? Here are some things to think about.  

External boundaries and gateways 

First, check your external boundaries and gateways. These are key weak spots that thieves can exploit but are easy to check and make small changes to enhance. 

Things to check: 

  • Are all gates secured with a weatherproof, robust lock that works properly? 
  • Is there anything standing by your gates that could make it easier to climb them (such as wheelie bins or storage boxes)? 
  • Are there any valuables visible from the street such as bikes? 
  • Do you have a security light outside the house? 
  • Are boundary hedges trimmed to prevent anyone from hiding in them and surprising you? 


Outbuildings are one of the most vulnerable parts of the house as they rarely have the same level of security as the main property. But there are a few steps to take to help keep them safe 

Things to check: 

  • Do windows have locks on them if they open? 
  • Are valuable items secured to something strong with anchors or cables? 
  • Is it worth adding a battery-powered alarm to the outbuilding if there’s a lot of valuable stuff inside? 

Main entry and exits to the property 

Now we move onto the property itself and the most important part of the security which is the main entry and exit points. This can include front and back doors, patio doors and the garage. 

Things to check: 

  • Do all external doors have a lock that meets British Standard BS3621
  • Are all uPVC or compositive doors secured with a TS007 Kitemarked cylinder? 
  • Is there a letter plate restrictor on the front door letterbox? 
  • Are all patio or French doors secured with additional locks? 
  • Can you see who is at the door without having to open it? 

Other security measures 

There is a range of other security measures you can take that may help you feel more secure during the dark nights of winter and beyond. 

Indoor and outdoor cameras help you monitor your property when you are out.  Paired with security lights, they can create the illusion of someone being home even if they are not. 

If you’re unsure what you need to do to improve your home security, contact us today to book a free consultation and we can offer advice and recommendations to make your home as secure as possible.