It’s the perfect storm of things to consider… You’re out at work more than you’ve been for over a year and the dark nights are rolling in with speed. You’re probably more conscious that your home is being left for longer periods with no one in it and is more vulnerable to burglars. 

To help you feel more confident and keep your home secure, here are some of my best tricks to secure your property and annoy those burglars by making them work hard to realise your home is empty! 

Use motion sensor lights 

Security lights are always a good part of your home’s security but when you aren’t there, then motion sensor lights are a great option. These are ideal to create that sudden flood of light when triggered which can put off casual inspections of the house to see if it is occupied. Set the system to activate when anyone is away from the home. 

Add security cameras 

Security cameras are a bit more involved and a little more expensive than other measures but the investment can really pay off. Many clients mention that they are worth the price for the peace of mind alone, especially ones you can access from your phone when you’re out of the house.  

good CCTV system will connect with a smartphone app that allows you to remotely view the house as well as record anything that happens which can be handed to the police if there is an incident. They are a good visual deterrent, showing potential thieves that the house is already protected and this can put off many of them, particularly as they know the police are more likely to pursue a prosecution if there’s video evidence.  

Don’t leave any obvious items for theft 

Sometimes it is easy to forget the kids left their bikes against the front wall of the house. Or that toolbox you were using is still sitting by the front gate. But it is important to do a quick sweep each day to make sure there’s nothing obvious that could attract a thief’s attention at the front of your property. 

Put everything into a shed, garage or other locked building so there’s nothing to entice burglars to check out your property. Lock those bikes up or invest in a bike shed for the front garden. 

Try remote controlled lights (and even the TV!) 

Nothing says someone is home like lights and the TV playing. With remote-controlled lights or smart lights and plugs, you can create this illusion by having everything scheduled to switch on at certain times. Have the lights come on as it starts to get dark or at different times of the day. And if you have the option to set the TV to turn on too, it never hurts! 

Making your home seem occupied 

One of the simplest ways to make your home safe is to make it look occupied and too much trouble to break into. By taking a few steps to add security measures and to ensure you keep on top of items around the home that could make it more attractive to burglars, you’ll feel much more confident heading off to work! Enjoy! 

If you need help with your home or business security, please contact us for a no-obligation security audit. Stay safe!