A locksmith is a valuable person to have on speed dial. Not only are they great for helping you out of a jam when you’ve locked yourself out of your house, but they can also help keep your home safe and secure. Here are five types of locksmith services that every homeowner should know about! 

1.  Rekeying 

Rekeying is a process that involves changing the internal components of a lock so that it can be opened with a new key. This is often done when a home is sold or when keys are lost or stolen. Rekeying is generally less expensive than replacing a lock, and it can be done by a locksmith in a matter of minutes. 

2.  Lock Replacement 

For homeowners looking to protect their property, replacing their existing door locks with higher-security models can be a tremendously helpful step. It’s important to work with an experienced locksmith for this job, not only for their expertise in installing the lock correctly but also for their knowledge of the various options available to you. 

They’ll explain the different security levels of locks and even provide recommendations based on your needs, so you can choose the perfect fit for your home. Lock replacement is a straightforward job that’s typically over in no time, leaving your home much safer and more secure than ever before. 

3.  Lock Repair 

When an existing lock is no longer working properly, locksmiths can often help repair it. Whether the lock is for the residence or the workplace, locksmiths can disassemble and inspect the device to identify areas that require repairs. 

Lock repair is an invaluable service for anyone who needs to keep their belongings safe and secure. Locksmiths will be able to assess the condition of a lock and advise homeowners on what action should be taken if any repairs need to be made. 

4.  Break-in Repairs 

Protecting your home and family is a priority, which is why it’s important to be sure you can rely on working locks in the event of a break-in. Even if nothing was taken or damaged, the security of your residence has been compromised. A good idea is to contact a locksmith who can evaluate the situation and complete any necessary repairs. 

They will assess the lock or entrance that was targeted and let you know what needs to be done for you to feel secure again. Not only will they provide you with trusted service, but they’ll also ensure that everything checks out before leaving your property. 

With the help of a qualified locksmith, your house will soon be back in its original state with updated safety measures keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe from unwanted intruders. 

5.  Window lock upgrades 

Keeping your home safe is paramount, so why not make sure that you’re taking advantage of the best protection available? With assistance from a professional locksmith, you can upgrade your window locks to provide higher levels of security. 

Whether you’re looking to install new locks or simply to replace existing ones, a competent and experienced technician will come to your home, assess the situation and install the right hardware based on your needs. 

Furthermore, features like tamper detection and automated alerts can be added for extra peace of mind. As with any other type of lock installation, an upgraded window lock system will increase the value of your property and ensure that your family remains secure all year long. 

For any of these services or to get a bespoke quote for your lock issue, contact Security Masters today!