As the owner or operator of a residential block, there are times of the year when it seems like you never have a moment. But during the summer, things seem to get quieter and this makes it an ideal time to do some jobs that keep the block in top condition. Here are some of the best summer catch up jobs for your block maintenance schedule. 

Why is block maintenance so important? 

There are lots of reasons why it is so important to keep on top of block maintenance but some of the key ones include: 

  • Health and safety – you need to ensure that everything works as it should and there’s no clear risk to tenants 
  • Insurance purposes – you’ll have requirements for maintenance under your insurance or a policy could be invalid 
  • Legal requirements – like health and safety, there are things you legally have to do as the owner or operator 
  • Tenant happiness – everyone loves to complain about a landlord that doesn’t sort problems! 
  • Keep costs down – from ensuring small problems don’t get worse to making the property attractive for resale, maintaining your block can help keep costs down

Key jobs to do during the summer 

If you are looking for some inspiration about the perfect summer jobs to add to your block maintenance schedule, here are some ideas. 

Door and window frames 

One of the most important maintenance jobs in any block of flats is to make sure that the door and window frames are in good condition. This is because weak or damaged frames can be a serious hazard, both in terms of letting bad weather into the building and allowing burglars to break in.  

Check for safety issues 

It’s vital that you check for safety issues, such as trip hazards and fire hazards. It’s also essential to maintain your fire doors; this is especially important in the winter months when your residents might start using free-standing heaters.  

Access control and CCTV systems 

Security is always important. There are a few key things to remember when you have access control and CCTV systems. 

  • Check the batteries in your access control system regularly. Dead batteries can prevent the system from working properly, leaving your property vulnerable. 
  • Test your CCTV cameras regularly to make sure they are recording properly. This will help you to identify any issues quickly and prevent them from becoming a bigger problem. 
  • Clean your access control system’s readers and keypads regularly. Dust and dirt can build up over time and interfere with the system’s performance. 

Keeping on top of summer activities 

Outdoor areas need to be kept tidy – hot weather can cause shrubs and bushes to grow quickly, so it’s important to trim them back regularly.  

Similarly, if your tenants have been spending time outdoors this summer, your carpets, walkways, hallways and stairs might be covered in dirt and debris. Regular vacuuming and mopping will help to keep these areas clean and prevent any build-up of dirt and grime. 

Watch those regulations 

The final thing to watch is any changes to regulations that impact your block. This might include time frames for dealing with damaged fixtures and fittings or what you need to do to be ready for winter. 

If you are struggling with block maintenance or just want another pair of hands to help, get in touch today! We provide emergency repairs and regular maintenance solutions. Reach out for more info.