As the owner or manager of an apartment block, there’s a big list of things you need to do to keep everything running smoothly. But you don’t have to do alone. If you get the right help on the right tasks, your workload can be dramatically reduced.  

Here at Security Masters, we have a range of services for block maintenance to help you look after your property efficiently. 

Fire doors

Fire doors are a crucial part of the safety and security of your block. A good fire door should stop a fire from spreading for 30 minutes or more and needs to conform to British Standards. It also needs to be fitted by a trained expert to ensure it works properly.

Not only does the installation need to be done by an expert but a periodic check on the fire door should also be carried out by a qualified professional. While the checks may seem straightforward, it’s vital that they’re carried out regularly to ensure the door is still working correctly and will protect your residents in the event of a fire. 

Access control

Access control is a common sight on many business premises and apartment blocks these days. Access control systems work in a few different ways but key cards are a common option – people simply swipe the card to access the building. A keypad is another option, and this can allow visitors to be given access without needing to issue cards.

Access Control Systems offer reassurance to residents and can easily be paired with other systems such as CCTV to allow better monitoring.


If you don’t already have CCTV on entrances and common areas of your block, it’s definitely worth looking at. These systems can be fitted at vulnerable points and be monitored from a central location. They work as a visible deterrent as well as to help deal with any issues such as break-ins or vandalism.

If you have a CCTV system and it has been in place for some years, it may be worth upgrading it. Technology has advanced considerably and you might be able to make a cost saving or find a more suitable option for your block.

General maintenance of common areas

We also offer general maintenance of common areas. These are spots that receive a lot of wear and tear and can make your building look a little shabby. We offer general upkeep to ensure common areas look smart and there is a reduced chance of accidents such as trips and falls.

We offer both ongoing and one-time services for block maintenance, can help with emergency repairs, and carry out a security audit of your property as standard. 

If you like to find out how we can help you maintain your residential block, get in touch!