With the emphasis on cyber security and data protection in recent years, many businesses have fallen into the trap of neglecting the physical security of their business property. And unfortunately, thieves are all too aware how to spot vulnerabilities.  

From the right locks to CCTV, here are some suggestions for the best ways to keep your business secure.  

Are your locks up to the job? 

Just because doors and windows are lockable, doesn’t mean they’re secure. Locks can fail over time, parts wear and the fixtures holding them in place can become less reliable. That’s why the first place we start with a security audit is to check the locks on all doors and windows. 

As expert locksmiths, we know what to look for in locks.  When you check your own locks, make sure they operate smoothly and can withstand pressure from outside. It’s also important to check that they have the relevant marks or logos to ensure they are British Standard and that all of them work smoothly and easily. 

Security lights and CCTV cameras 

Do you have sufficient external security measures in place to protect your boundary and entrances? The two most important are security lighting and a CCTV system to monitor the property. 

Security lights come in lots of different types and are ideal for both security and also for staff confidence. No one likes to lock up in the dark and feel like they have to dive for the nearest street light. Having the right security lights can deter casual criminals and help staff feel safer. 

Pair the lights with a CCTV system and you have a strong security framework in place.  We install CCTV systems for homes and businesses and there are plenty of different options available to suit all budgets. These include cameras you can monitor remotely from a smartphone so you always know what is going on. 

Access control systems 

For some businesses, there’s another option to consider – access control systems.  There are a range of different systems that allow you to monitor who gets access to your building and to pair with CCTV to see who is around the property. 

These systems are great if you have deliveries or non-staff personnel coming into the property regularly. It also allows you to always know which staff are on the premises if there is a fire alarm or other incident. 

With keycard or keypad entry options, these sophisticated systems can add another level of security for any type of business. 

Checking your business’ security 

Checking the security around your business premises is something you should do every few months, if not more often. Things can easily deteriorate or problems quickly escalate to create a security weakness. And it’s always better to repair a potential problem than to deal with the aftermath of a break-in or vandalism.   

If you have any questions or concerns about business security, we’re here to help. Contact us today to book a no-obligation audit.