We’ve just about hit that point in lockdown. All the games have been played, the computer games are boring, the fun make-believe games are so yesterday. There’s nothing left on Netflix and if you watch that Disney movie again, you might go nuts. 

But there’s one game you can play with the kids in lockdown that has the added bonus of helping you secure your home – the Lock Check Game. Want to find out how to play? 

Why checking home security is still important – even in lockdown 

When you’re home more than normal, it’s easy to think that your home is automatically safer as a result  But while burglars are less likely to try to break in when you are there, this isn’t guaranteed.  

The problem is, because you’re home all the time, you might not be quite as aware about security as you normally are. And unfortunately, burglars know this and may well be watching to see if your home could be an easy target. 

That’s why checking home security is still super important. Whether you will be working from home long term or you’re just waiting for a date to go back to work, make sure the security of your home remains a priority.   

And if your family is bored of lockdown, why not turn it into a game? 

The lock check game 

A whole home security check goes beyond just the locks, but it’s a great place to start.  If you want to get the kids involved, this is also the easiest part to do.   

Does the door have a multi-locking system?  Open up each door and pull the handle up then count how many deadlocks operate when you do this. A good standard is a 5 level system but the more the better. If the door only has a single latch that operates by a key, then it may be time for a door upgrade

Does the letterbox have a shield on it?  This is often made from metal or plastic and helps to keep drafts out. But more importantly, it stops thieves hooking keys through the letterbox and gaining access. 

Do outward opening doors have hinge bolts? These bolts stop people tampering with the door and taking it off the hinges. 

Do windows have multi-point locks? Just like with doors, you can open the windows and count how many locking points move when you lock the window. If you only count one, you may need to see about upgrading their security

Other home security ideas 

While you probably don’t want to scare the kids with the idea of lurking burglars, there are a few other areas to check yourself to make sure your home is as secure as possible. 

Outbuildings like garages and sheds are the first thing burglars try. So always make sure they have the best possible locks. Floor mounted steel locking T-bars are a great addition to garage doors while any side doors should have at least 5-level mortice deadlocks on them. 

Where do you keep your valuables and can they be seen from the windows? Could you move them to a safer location? It’s a good idea to store valuables and documents in a safe. You could also make it look like someone is always home with lights on a timer. This can help protect items that can’t be easily moved such as TVs and computers. 

If you need help with your home security or want someone to carry out the official version of the Lock Check Game, contact us today to arrange a security audit. Stay safe.