As the season of goodwill arrives, are you getting things in place?
Have your children written letters, are they making lots of space?
Have they sent them off to Santa, with excitement, hope and joy?
That when Christmas morning comes around, he’ll deliver lots of toys!

I hope you like my little poem above. I thought I’d have a little fun this year. I remember with great joy when my two children were toddlers and loved Christmas so much. We all still love Christmas as a family and I hope you do too. However, it can also be a very distressing time, when many more burglaries take place. Burglars know that we have lots of extra gifts in our homes at this time of the year and that many of us travel away from our homes to visit families and friends. So this year, I thought I’d raise awareness through a little story telling of my own during the lead up to Christmas.

The story is called Teddy’s Christmas Journey and it all began one cold November in the North Pole at Santa’s workshop. Teddy had been created to the highest standard, with soft golden fur and beautiful brown eyes. He was destined for a home in Greenwich in London on 25th December, to be delivered by Santa to a young 7 year old boy called David. In October, David had written to Santa and had said that more than anything this year, he just wanted a Teddy.

So as December came closer, David was bursting with excitement as he helped his parents decorate their tree and put up decorations. Finally, Christmas Day arrived and David opened his eyes and found his lovely, cuddly new Teddy. David was thrilled and took Teddy everywhere with him.

TeddyA few days after Christmas, David’s parents had booked a week away in the Bahamas and they tried to convince David that Teddy would be safer at home. After all, they wouldn’t want to lose Teddy on their journey. After some deliberation, David was convinced that perhaps Teddy would be safer at home, so he left him behind and the family locked up their house and set off on their holiday. They had a wonderful flight and arrived in the warm and sunny Bahamas for a lovely family holiday.

Now, if you’re wondering what Teddy got up to while they were away, you’ll have to tune in next time. What I can tell you is that Teddy also had an adventure like no other….

Until next time stay safe!

Author : Mark Radford
Added on : 2015-11-03