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Summer is here!

If you – like many others at this time of year – are planning a family holiday this summer, you might be concerned about how best to protect your home from burglars while you’re away.

If you’re on the hunt for some holiday home security tips, then Google no further… Security Masters Limited are here to help you enjoy topping up your tan in a worry free fashion.

Read on for our top security tips to protect your home whilst on holiday.

  1. Automatic Timers

First of all, and perhaps most obviously, use automatic timers to switch on your lights and radio when darkness arrives. If the sun sets and the burglars see that lights are on, they’ll assume that someone is home, which will deter them from breaking in.

Just a little tip: Make sure it’s lights in rooms, rather than hallways, you have on timers, e.g. lounge or kitchen. Burglars are clever enough to realise you don’t spend all your time in the hall or on the landing!

  1. Trust a neighbour or two!

Neighbours are a great way to keep up the ruse that people are still at home. Get your neighbours to pick up your post from the mat and close and open your curtains to give the illusion of someone being home as usual.

  1. Royal Mail KeepSafe Service

The trusty Royal Mail have a ‘keepsafe’ service, which you can use to get them to hang on to your mail until you return, so that it doesn’t pile up on your mat. Burglars look through letterboxes of houses they suspect are unoccupied to see if the post has been collected. A pile of letters on your mat will give away that you’re not currently in residence.

  1. Cancel Deliveries

Likewise, newspaper and milk deliveries can signal that you’re not at home. Don’t forget to cancel your deliveries whilst you’re away, so you don’t give the game away.

  1. Don’t Post on Social Media

These days, this last one is super important… we all love to tell people that we’re off on our jollies to top up a tan and have a splash in the sea. Our best advice is not to advertise that you’re not home on social media!

If burglars get wind online that you’re going to be away, you become an easy target.

So, there you have it. Our best holiday home security tips. It’s important to remember that most home burglaries occur in daylight hours, which is why it’s important to keep your home looking lived-in at all times. You can deter burglars simply by convincing them you’re at home.

If burglars think that someone is in your house, they’ll look for an easier target.

I hope that you now feel free to board your plane, sip your margarita and get your fix of seafood, beaches and sunshine! Happy travelling! If you need any advice or want to take advantage of our free home security survey (South East London area), then please get in contact.