People often call me for my advice as a locksmith. So I thought it might be useful to talk about where you can go for advice on home and commercial security, as there are some important things to consider. In general, many of us rely on the advice of colleagues or people in our networks for recommendations. While this is great for ‘good books on a given subject’ or ‘great prices on wanted items’, the security of your home or office is not something you will want to take a chance on.


A good place to begin when you’re looking for advice is your community police officers. They deal with crime on a daily basis and will be able to offer you plenty of advice on home security.  Also, the Metropolitan Police have some very useful tips and information online at Operation Bumblebee, which is their campaign, attempting to drastically reduce the number of home burglaries.

Your insurance provider can advise on the types of security measures you might want to take to deter intruders. They will also be able to tell you what you need to do to ensure your insurance remains valid. For example, if you have a ‘dead lock’ on your front door and don’t use it, you may not be able to make a claim if you’re broken into. Windows with locks are recommended by insurance companies and having certain measures in place can even reduce your insurance premiums.

One piece of advice I always give people is to consider the following: think about if you were locked out of your house or premises and didn’t have any help to get back in. What would you do to get back in? Is there a fence you would climb over and a window you know you could easily get in through, or a weak door that you could force? If there is, then a burglar will find it too. It’s a burglary waiting to happen, as burglars are quick to work out where your property’s weak spots are.

Once you know where burglars can get in, you need to decide on the changes you want to make and whether you want to call a specialist to carry out the work or do it yourself (DIY). If you decide to do it yourself we strongly recommend visiting a reputable high street locksmith, who can advise on the best locks and other security equipment you should buy. If you visit a more general DIY store, the tendency is to choose home security based on price, rather than on what you really need to make your home or office more secure.

Of course you can always contact us here at Security Masters Ltd. We are based in Eltham, South London and our telephone number is 020 8850 8356. We are always happy to provide advice and if you’re based in South East London i.e. SE postcodes or Kent, DA and BR postcodes, we are happy to visit you and provide a free security check. We will tell you if you have any weak areas of security and the measures you might wish to take to help prevent unwanted access to your property by burglars.

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Author : Security Master
Added on : 2013-08-01