Now that Christmas and New Year are behind us, we start looking forward to the dawn of Spring, which means warmer weather, lighter nights, and easier mornings (we hope!). But Spring also brings with it many security challenges, so we’re here with a checklist of things you should prepare before Winter ends, to make sure your home is safe and secure in time for Spring. Read on for some top tips:

  • Get back in the swing of mowing your lawn! An unkempt lawn suggests an uncared-for house, and burglars may take advantage.
  • As you start leaving windows open to let the warmer air in, you might have forgotten the habit of making sure they’re safely closed before you go out. So, be extra vigilant and make sure you’re closing and locking all doors and windows. Any opening, no matter how small, may be seen as an invitation to a burglar.
  • If you’ve been fixing up your property, make sure you put your tools away. Tools can be stolen and can also be used to get access to your property. It’s also essential to make sure you lock your garage and shed securely.
  • If you’ve spent your Christmas money on something expensive, don’t leave the packaging lying around. Put it in the bin only on bin collection day or take it to the tip. If burglars see the packaging, they may break in and attempt to steal whatever it once contained.
  • Change the timers on your lights as the nights and mornings get lighter. But don’t remove them. Timers give the illusion of presence in your home.


If you’re not sure whether your home is safe, we offer free, no-obligation security audits. Each one is designed to check the specific security needs of the home we’re visiting. We then recommend bespoke improvements according to what we find. If you want to stay on top of your London home security this winter and spring, get in touch. We’re London’s home security experts.