As 2018 becomes 2019, you and your small business will be making plenty of resolutions to increase profits and productivity.

Don’t neglect security! Business security is essential if you want to make sure you stay productive.

Without good security, you become vulnerable to exploitation, which could mean a drop in profits plus wasted time.

Business security in London is essential and the new year is a great time to reassess your needs.

Here are some potential security flaws to address as 2019 approaches:

  • New windows and doors – if your windows and doors are faulty in any way, they provide an easy place for burglars to break in. Thieves can quickly spot a dodgy frame or faulty lock, so make sure your windows and doors are sturdy and reliable.
  • New security lighting – this is especially important during the dark nights that last in the UK until March. While the nights are long, so too are the potential hours the burglars can prowl undetected. But if you keep your business well-lit, the burglars may be deterred… and deterrence is the first step to safety.
  • New CCTV – systems are changing all the time, meaning that whatever CCTV you currently have may no longer be reliable. Burglars are always exploring and exploiting flaws in CCTV, especially in London, so by keeping yours up-to-date, you stay ahead of their game.
  • Sort out your cybersecurity – because security isn’t just physical. Online threats are as real as physical ones, so you need to make sure your cybersecurity is as sturdy as your physical security.
  • Shop around for better business insurance – there might be deals in the new year as insurance companies offer discounts. Good business insurance should cover you in the most important circumstances, and a new deal might have added benefits.
  • Run a New Year course to educate staff. Vigilant staff means a safer workplace, so take the time to give your staff bespoke information about how to stay safe. You’ll be in a much securer position.

If you want more help and advice related specifically to your place of work, get in touch. We offer free security audits with no obligation and use our observations to give personal and bespoke recommendations for your business security.

If you want your 2019 to be fuss-free when it comes to business security, get in touch with us. For office security in London this New Year, you won’t find better.