For many of us, social media is a huge part of our lives. We’re used to sharing cute pics of our kids, our nights out, and even our dinner.

So, it’s hardly surprising that when we go on holiday, we reach for our phones without even thinking about it, to snap some photos to share with our friends.

The problem is, there’s a strong chance the message you’re away and your property is unprotected might reach people you’d rather didn’t know.

Burglars routinely use social media to plan their targets. Because of this, many police forces now warn against revealing holiday details online.

Research shows that social media platforms are inundated with around 50,000 holiday-related posts per day. Almost 80% of burglars use social media to scope out their next potential property. 1 in 12 holiday makers are broken into as a result of posting about their holiday on social media.

Here are some things you might want to think about in order to deter burglars from using social media to find out when your home is empty:

  • Who can read your posts? You don’t want anyone but your close friends and family reading what you’re up to. Check your privacy settings on all social media platforms to make sure your information isn’t getting to the wrong people.
  • Is the GPS tracker on your phone turned on? If it is, it’s easier for you to be located, and burglars can use this information to double check that you’re away.
  • What do you reveal about yourself on your social media profiles? Removing personal information may prevent you from becoming a target.

It’s also important to remember that sharing details of your holiday online might invalidate your home insurance policy (and any claim you make) if you get burgled while you’re away.

Although it’s a grey area, many home insurance policies require customers to take “reasonable care” in keeping their property safe… and a simple social media post may in some cases may be deemed as unreasonable.

If an insurer considers that a policy holder has failed to take precautions by posting holiday photos, they may be in breach of their policy.

It’s also important you make sure your home is secure before you go away. You should, for example:

  • Make sure your home is well-lit, both inside and out, including timers on lights
  • Check your locks to make sure they are secure and not in need of maintenance
  • Keep bushes and hedges trimmed to make your property looked lived-in
  • Cancel any deliveries – boxes left on the doorstep are a clear signal the house is empty

If you have concerns about securing your property, get in touch.

We can advise you about installing home security measures, including lighting, CCTV, locks and more. We will even give your home a free security audit to check where and how burglars might be able to exploit your property, whether you’re on holiday or not.

We’re London’s experts on burglary and break-ins, and we know how to keep homes safe. If you need advice on home security in London, contact us.