This October, Security Masters will be supporting the 5th annual National Home Security Month, helping homeowners across London and the UK protect their homes, families, and belongings.

Every year, we support NHSM by raising awareness about home security because the campaign is dedicated to a topic very close to our hearts – helping people identify and solve the security vulnerabilities in their homes. Many of the tips in the campaign are easy to implement and make a world of difference not only to how secure your property is but also how safe you and your family feel in your home.

The website contains many different types of information, including hacks, checklists and more. The Home Security Checklist, for example, is a quick way to identify obvious problems with the security of your property.

Many home security issues aren’t caused by a lack of budget or intent; they’re often due to a simple lack of awareness. Burglars prey on the fact that most homeowners don’t realise what makes them vulnerable.

This year, each week, the campaign will focus on a different topic to prevent families becoming victims of burglary. These five topics are:

  • The myths and lies surrounding home security
  • Doors – because almost 75% of burglars break in through the front door!
  • How you can use technology and community to battle the burglars
  • Smart security – from smart locks to virtual assistants
  • Dark nights – how to step up your home security in autumn and winter

The site also includes blogs and articles on other topics – including bicycle security – to help keep you safe.

Too often, we hear from homeowners who have been victims of burglary.  We’d much prefer to help you protect your home, family and belongings so this doesn’t happen to you.

If you want advice about securing your home, we can help. We provide CCTV, top-quality doors, windows, and locks and more… but our most popular product is our free home security audit. During this audit, we survey your property to check for vulnerabilities and recommend products to keep you safe. We have security solutions to match every home, budget and family in London. To keep your home and family secure, get in touch… and make sure you follow the NHSM campaign all month!