Burglary is a huge problem in London. Every day, family homes are broken into, personal possession stolen, leaving properties damaged and victims feeling vulnerable.

Current statistics show that this isn’t a problem that’s going away. In fact, keeping London homes secure might be harder than you imagine.

Here are some stats to show you why it’s imperative you protect yourself, your family and your home:

  • According to police statistics, from January 2017 to January 2019, there were almost 165,000 reported burglaries in London. Over 50% of these were in the latter half of that period, indicating that the problem shows no sign of stopping. This equates to around 240 burglaries per day across the nation’s capital.
  • Research shows that 1 in 1000 homes are burgled. So, statistically speaking, over a period of 1000 days, chances are your home will be targeted.
  • The average London monthly burglary rate sits at around 7000 burglaries per month
  • Burglary is London’s third-biggest crime, after theft and personal violence. This is at least partly because so many of London’s homes aren’t sufficiently protected.
  • Bromley is one of the most affected areas in the whole of London. Bromley’s residents lose around £4.5 million per year through burglary.
  • The average cost of a burglary to a homeowner is around £3,000, while the emotional and psychological effects may be irreparable.

It’s clear that burglary is London is an enormous and expensive problem. Are you sure your house is secure?

Burglars are able to exploit safety issues that many people simply aren’t aware of. Because burglary is a burglar’s livelihood, they make it their business to know tricks and techniques that you don’t.

But luckily for you, security is our business, and we know all the tricks that burglars use to break into family homes across London. Whatever tactics burglars might attempt to use, we can help to keep you one step ahead.

One of our most popular services is our free, no-obligation security audit. We can check your home, both inside and outside, for security flaws, and recommend ideas and installations based on what we find.

We can install and improve:

  • Doors and windows. Many household doors and windows are weak and ineffective
  • Locks should be changed regularly for many reasons, and some lock types leave your home vulnerable to burglary
  • CCTV, which is becoming ever more popular across London in family homes to prevent break-ins.
  • Steel reinforcement.
  • … and plenty more.

We, of course, also offer advice on tactics and deterrents you can employ to keep you and your family safe. London home security is safe in our hands. Get in touch.