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This time of year, many jetsetters pack their bags and head off to indulge in a bit of sun while the UK is dark, dingy and cold.

If you’re flying somewhere nice and joining the post-Christmas exodus, it’s important to ensure that your home stays safe while you’re away.

Two of the things that attract burglars are the dark winter evenings and the promise of an empty home. When you holiday in winter, you offer a combination of these two enticing treats to daring chancers, so it’s essential that your keep your home secure. You don’t want to return from a week of sun and sea to find an empty house.

In some cities, up to 6% of homes can fall victim to a winter robbery.

To keep your home safe from winter burglars, there are plenty of steps you can take:

  • Cancel deliveries: milk, newspapers and magazines sitting on your doorstep are a giveaway that you’re not around.
  • Ask a neighbour to keep watch and check in on your house from time to time: letters and parcels on your mat indicate that you’re not in.
  • Use timers so your house lights come on in the dark: if potential burglars see lights, they can be fooled into thinking that there is someone at home.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight: stow away any and all things of value, including Christmas presents.
  • Don’t advertise on social media that you’re on holiday: many people fall into the trap of putting their snaps on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, advertising that they’re away for a dose of sun and sea. Burglars use social media to seek out vacant properties. Don’t give them the chance.
  • Don’t run your Christmas lights through open windows: robbers can access your home through these openings.
  • Home lighting is your friend: if your property lights up when someone’s around the perimeter, burglars will be deterred.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are sturdy: dodgy doors and windows are easy to exploit.

A burglar makes his or her bread and butter by taking advantage of the opportunities above. Burglars know how to exploit complacency, so make sure that you don’t grant them the chance!

In a big city like London, winter burglars are rife, but they can only take advantage if you’ve given them a chance to do so. When you’re off on your travels, implement the advice above and your chances of becoming a victim will be greatly reduced.

If you need any help maintaining or improving your property to ensure it’s secure, give us a call. We offer advice, installations and a bespoke service. Whatever you need, we’ll chat with you and come up with the most logical and affordable solution.

To keep your home safe from London burglars, get in touch and we’ll help you out.