Security Masters Ltd are pleased to announce that we now have a brand new service. It’s called our HomeCare service which means we can now offer a wide range of general home maintenance and repairs.

So, what sort of work can we help with? Well, take a quick glance round your property and even as you’re reading this you’ll probably say ‘that room needs a lick of paint’ or ‘I wish that tap would stop dripping’. How about that fence that has one rotten post causing it to lean and sway in the wind? When did you last have time to tidy up the garden or mow the lawn? Do you have a barbeque planned and the wooden garden furniture is looking a bit tired and could do with a coat of wood stain or paint?

You may of course have a number of HomeCare requirements that we can spend a few hours or a day sorting out for you. The great thing from your perspective is that you don’t have to call a number of different people out such as a plumber and a carpenter, with all the additional expense incurred from that.

We are a family run company with many years’ experience helping home owners and companies with their security needs. We are helpful and friendly and always try our best by going above and beyond. A recent customer described Mark here as a real life Samaritan, when his 86 year old father locked himself out of his house after losing his keys. Mark gained access to the property in a few minutes without damaging any property and provided new keys. He also managed to gain access to the gentleman’s garage and supplied new padlocks. His son said ‘Dad had only just suffered a heart attack 2 days earlier and there are some times in your life that you just can’t believe that you’ve had such good luck as to come across such a decent bloke as Mark’.

Older people are particularly vulnerable to being taken advantage of by those posing as workmen. If you have elderly family members who need a few HomeCare jobs sorting out, even if it’s just changing a light bulb or tap washer, call us because we can supply references and testimonials from over 30 years’ experience in the security industry.

We do of course still provide our FREE home security surveys and you can always contact usfor free advice. If you get us over for HomeCare jobs, we will be happy to check your security while we are there for free.

Our new HomeCare service is available within a 5-8 mile radius of where we are based in Eltham in South East London. This includes all of South East London, so anywhere in Greenwich and Lewisham. We also cover Bromley, Beckenham and parts of Kent such as Dartford, Bexley and Sidcup. Additionally, we will travel to parts of East London, such as Bow and the Isle of Dogs. Give us a call if you’re not sure though, as we will do our best to help if we possibly can.

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Author : Security Master
Added on : 2014-07-29