The summer holidays are here and as rules against social interaction appear to be lifting, kids will be free to be kids again during the school break. But with such a long period in lockdown and various restrictions, basic safety and security might have gone out of their minds. So how can you talk to kids about security without scaring them? 

Home security ground rules 

Home security is a good place to start. You’ve no doubt had long spells where no-one knocked at the door apart from the postman and maybe a delivery person, who was usually at the bottom of the drive when you opened the door. But now, there could be more people knocking on the door so you need to remind your kids about the security basics.

Set out rules such as not opening the door to anyone unless there’s an adult present.

Make sure your children know how to ring the emergency services if there’s ever something seriously wrong. With older kids, if there’s a home alarm, then make sure they know how to set it when they leave the house or go to bed.

You can make these security measures house rules but emphasise that they have to be followed. Just like doing the dishes, tidying their room and other unavoidable chores, these home security measures are important.

Being out and about 

Your kids might not have had much experience playing outside with their friends in recent months so it’s important to remind them about personal safety.  

Personal security is a balancing act. You want your child to feel safe outside and not to be constantly scared that the big bad stranger will get them. But you do need to ensure they are aware of basic safety measures. You could start by talking about what they’ve learned at school about strangers and what to do if approached.  

Also set rules about when and where they can go, how long they can be away from home without checking in and where they can take personal belongings. Many kids now carry mobile phones which can help you find them in case of emergency. Make sure they are aware if they take something like a bike or scooter with them, they need to think about where to leave it so they know it’s safe.  

Simple safety steps 

We all want kids to be kids, especially after the restrictions of the last 18 months, but sadly, safety threats haven’t gone away. We need to make sure kids have a healthy degree of caution without scaring them or making them nervous to start exploring their independence.

You know your kids best, don’t be afraid to educate them on security helpfully and interactively so they see it as part of life, not a huge frightening issue.

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