Access control is an important security measure that can help to keep residents and property safe. There are a variety of access control systems available, each with its own benefits. The best type of access control for your residential block will depend on your specific needs and requirements. 

What is access control and why do we need it on residential blocks? 

Access control is a system used to protect residential blocks from unauthorized entry. It helps to ensure that only people who live or work in the block are able to enter, thereby avoiding potential security risks. 

There are a variety of access control systems available for residential blocks, both physical and electronic in nature. Physical access control typically involves installing locks on gates or entrances, while electronically monitored systems can be used to monitor cameras and process remote entry requests. 

Access control also provides added peace of mind to the residents of a residential block, knowing that their homes are secure and escape routes have been limited.  

Additionally, having an access control system in place can act as a deterrent for burglars and other unwanted intruders from attempting to gain entry into the property without anyone’s knowledge. 

The different types of access control available to landlords 

For landlords, access control is a must-have tool to ensure the safety and security of rented properties. But what are the different types of access control available? 

A key lock is the most popular and economical choice, allowing keys to be tracked and monitored using a unique serial number.  

For those looking for something with more flexibility, an electronic entry system like an RFID reader may be ideal. These systems not only allow you to keep track of who enters the building, but also to set time-stamped access rights for certain tenants. 

For a higher level of security, biometric access systems such as fingerprint or retina scanners can work well. However, these tend to have higher associated costs and may require additional maintenance costs over time. 

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the right type of access control for your rental property, it all depends on your budget and level of security needed. No matter which option you choose, access control will undoubtedly provide peace of mind for both landlords and tenants alike. 

How to choose the right type of access control for your property 

Before making a decision, it’s important to consider factors like the size of your property, the type of entryways you have, and the level of security you’re hoping to achieve. 

For smaller spaces or basic security requirements, simple locks can be enough. However for larger buildings or higher levels of security, more sophisticated systems such as key fob access or biometric scanners may be necessary. 

Additionally, if there are frequent changes in personnel or the nature of your business shifts over time, it’s wise to invest in an access control system that offers remote management and scalability. 

How to install and maintain access control 

Installing and maintaining access control systems can be a challenging endeavor for many people, however with the right guidance it is achievable. 

Access control systems are used to keep track of who is allowed in certain areas of your property and to log their movements without sacrificing convenience or comfort. In order to install an access control system, first you should measure out the area that needs monitored and plan how best to achieve the most comprehensive coverage while adhering to local regulations. 

After acquiring all the equipment necessary, mount the components securely and create suitable credentials for each user as needed. To ensure 24/7 operation, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance checks on all hardware components, ensuring everything is working together seamlessly. 

This includes cleaning contact surfaces on doors and locks between these monthly checks as well as testing alarm panels every 6 months for unauthorized entry attempts. This will help prolong the useful life of an access control system and maintain its high levels of performance over time. 

Securing your block 

Access control is an important security measure that can help to keep residents and their property safe. There are a variety of access control systems available, each with its own benefits. 

Security Masters can provide expert advice on which system is right for you and help you to install and maintain it so that you can enjoy the many benefits of using access control on your residential block. Contact us today for more information.