In the summer, burglaries unfortunately rise and the police have issued warnings about the rise of ‘sneak in burglaries’ where people gain entry through windows or doors that have been left open or unlocked. There are many ways you can beat the burglars though by simply taking a few extra precautions.

A majority of burglaries are opportunists so it is all about making sure your home is secure, (including sheds and cat flaps) and that you follow these simple steps to beat the burglars this summer.

Shut your windows and doors

With the warmer weather it is likely you have your windows and doors open, but I suggest you make a very conscious effort to check all of them are shut – even if you are just nipping to the shop.

Police recommend that you only open windows if that room is occupied and especially don’t leave windows open if you’re in the garden, as you’re unlikely to hear or see if anyone is breaking in.

Protect your shed contents

Sun’s out – barbeque out! It’s not a summer’s day without a lovely barbeque but make sure you lock away all of your valuable items, such as your barbeque, lawn mowers, ladders and tools, afterwards.

Burglary prevention

Insurance company, Aviva, said that power tools accounted for 42% of garden thefts last year and thefts from gardens and sheds shot up by 25% in the spring and summer.

Simply locking all this away means it’s not visible in your garden to opportunists for them to steal and they also can’t use any of your belongings to get into your home, for example, your ladders.

Make sure your shed is secure

If you’re locking valuables away in your shed don’t make it easy for burglars to break in. Our outbuildings and shed’s security can be overlooked, yet many of us keep quite costly goods inside them! These are some of my tops tips to help beat the burglars.

  • Cover shed windows: Whether it’s a curtain or an opaque film, it stops prying eyes seeing what’s locked in there.
  • Lock it up: So many sheds have a flimsy lock that can be easily broken; we recommend sturdy padlocks or hasps. Also, check your hinges. A T-shaped hinge can easily be unscrewed by opportunistic thieves, so replace the screws with a coach bolt to make it difficult for them to break in.
  • Maintenance: Look after your shed. Make sure there are no loose boards for example, that can be pulled off and used to gain entry.

Home burglary prevention

As always home security is very important but with the sun shining it’s easy to be more relaxed about it. Just be careful and take extra precautions ensuring windows and doors are locked, valuables are out of sight and your garden valuables are locked in a secure shed.

If you are unsure about your home and garden security, don’t hesitate to contact me for a free survey.

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Added on : 2016-07-29