Festival Security Tips: Stay Safe

Here at Security Masters our work is predominantly focused on keeping you safe in your homes and business premises. However, as a locksmith I take pride in not only keeping you safe, but your belongings too, wherever you may be. As festival season approaches I thought I would take a moment to talk about how best to keep yourself safe and your possessions secure. These are not just festival security tips; these are also festival survival tips.

These are things that might seem obvious; but on that first night when you have just arrived and have started relaxing into all the fun, there are things you need be aware of and have in place. If you and your belongings are going to survive a festival, please take a moment to read these festival security tips.

Festival security tips


I know this sounds simple but keeping your valuables in a safe place (like under your head) while you sleep is the best way to avoid theft. Often people will keep their things in their shoes or bags at the foot of their tent, making them an easier target for thieves. On that crucial first night you might find someone unzipping your tent, falling into it (pretending to be a little merry) and asking if you have seen John/William/Henry – whatever name they have made up. What they are actually doing is feeling around in your tent looking for your valuables. These are often organised and well practiced gangs looking to take advantage of festival goers. 

So be firm and assertive but most of all, be safe. Keep your valuables away from the tent entrance and at the first sign of trouble contact the festival security. 


This is a crucial festival security tip which may sound particularly strange coming from a locksmith but bear this is mind; you do not want to draw attention to your tent. You want to have a marker that lets you and you alone, know where it is. So maybe have some art on the side of your tent or a coloured flag, but by slapping a lock on your tent you’re advertising that you have something valuable inside. If there is anything that is valuable and important to you, I recommend leaving it at home; do not take anything with you that you are not prepared to lose.

Festival survival tips


When you set up your tent it’s crucial to have people looking out for you. The festival wardens always do their best, but they simply can’t see everything. When you arrive at the festival, try introducing yourself to those nearby, offer to help them pitch their tents or offer them a drink. It will mean there are more people watching out for you and your tent while you’re there and you can do the same for others in return.

Remember, the main thing to do is keep your head. Do that and you’ll have a great festival. 

Have a fun packed festival season and until next time, stay safe!

Author : Mark Radford – Security Master
Added on : 2015-07-06