When did you last update your phone? Recently?

When did you last update the locks on your front door?

Nowadays, tech updates and installations are commonplace and frequent. We update everything without a thought, making sure that our devices are always fitted with the latest security features. But how up-to-date are your physical security measures?

It’s important to realise that home security updates are just as important as online tech updates. And the first locks you should update, if you haven’t done so for a while, are the ones on your household doors.

It’s essential to consider changing your door locks for many reasons:

  • If tenants have recently moved out
  • If you can’t locate all your keys
  • If you’ve just moved into a new home
  • If your locks are suffering from wear and tear (which is something you should regularly look for!)
  • To keep up to date with modern technologies… because if you don’t, burglars will, and old locks make your property vulnerable
  • For insurance purposes
  • Because you have things that you want to protect!

If you’re undergoing a home renovation project, it’s easy to get your locks updated at the same time, because it’s an affordable but priceless alteration.

For advice about new locks for your London home, or for other information about security, get in touch. We can help you decide what security improvements are best for your property and advise if your locks need updating.

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