When you put your lights up for Christmas and the parcels with all the presents start being delivered, do you realise from a burglar’s perspective that you are effectively open for business?

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving for families, but for burglars it is a time to take and increase their income. Are you having presents delivered for other family members or friends? Often the people who are hosting the Christmas celebrations take delivery of all the gifts for those family members travelling from different parts of the country or even flying in from abroad.

Home security at Christmas

Is your home secure and where are you planning to store the gifts? Sometimes people store all the gifts in one room that isn’t frequently used like a conservatory, garage or even a shed. How much security have you put into place in these areas? Is your insurance adequate to cover all the additional items being stored in your home, even if only for a short time?

If high value items are being given as presents such as TVs, Computers, iPads, games consoles or bicycles, what better way to advertise these new items to burglars, than to put all the boxes in your front garden ready to be collected by the council refuse collection service, who are probably going to be collecting rubbish on different days over the holidays. So, keep boxes out of view.

Don’t forget that when Christmas is over the January sales start and this is often a time when even higher value items are being brought into homes because they can be purchased at often greatly reduced prices.

Nobody wants to spend money on home security, especially with the expense of Christmas just around the corner, but just think of the expense and heartache of being burgled and losing yours and other family members’ gifts. Please get in touch sooner rather than later for your free security survey of your property if you are in South London or Kent within the M25. Please don’t leave it until it’s too late and have your Christmas ruined or even cancelled. We are locksmiths based in Eltham and can help if you need a locksmith in Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham or Dartford for example.


If we find that your home is vulnerable, making your home more secure doesn’t have to be major or cost a fortune. We can install better door locks and window locks, reinforce doors, and install locking bolts to prevent doors from coming off, or add boards to doors to reduce the risk of them being kicked in for example. If you need something more substantial such as CCTV cameras, we can supply and install those too. Why not take the Crime Prevention Home Security Survey for an assessment of where your home might be at risk. Then contact usand we will be very happy to help with improving your security or have one of our knowledgeable locksmiths give you some friendly advice.

Our aim is to keep intruders out of your homes, but if you’ve been thinking about installing an alarm as a deterrent and can’t afford one, we also have a basic wireless alarm system that we currently have on promotion for approximately £500.00. Although it isn’t a monitored alarm connected to a control centre, it will alert neighbours that a break-in is in progress.

Author : Security Master
Added on : 2013-11-19