This month, we’re running a ‘Love Your Locks’ campaign, to tell you why you need to make sure your business locks are safe and secure.

If you’re a business owner and you’re keen to protect your business, your employees and your profits, ask yourself these essential questions:

Do You Have Access Control?

Are you confident your access control is reliable, effective and safe? Many access control systems in London have flaws and vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of. And remember, even if you’re not aware of them, burglars certainly will be.

Do Your Locks Have a Heart?

If you have standard key-manipulated locks, do they possess a heart? It’s essential to check that your external manual door locks proudly possess the British Standard sign.

If you have this sign on your lock, which is in the shape of heart, then your locks meet the British security standard. If your locks don’t possess this symbol, then they’re potentially unsafe and insecure, leaving you vulnerable to break-ins and burglary.

You will find the image under the lock as shown here:

For a better, more detailed image of  what the heart looks like, check here:

Lock Snapping

 Often, burglars break into businesses by entering through the front and back doors, because locks aren’t as secure as their owners think they are.

Lock snapping is swiftly becoming the most popular form of burglary in the UK. With this technique, burglars simply smash through a part of the door lock to enable them to loosen it, giving them easy access to your property. This doesn’t require any specialist knowledge or equipment; just a heavy object.


Do Your Locks Need Checking?

If you’re concerned about your locks, whether they’re manual or electronic, we can work with you to check if any of your locks are vulnerable and advise about the best locks to install to make your business safer and more secure.

Whatever your needs, your business, and your budget, we can help. We also assess your window locks, which can be just as vulnerable as door locks.

But it’s not just your locks you need to worry about! Here are some other things you should be thinking about:

  • CCTV cameras, especially in London, provide a priceless deterrent
  • Gates and grilles are robust and reliable
  • Glass reinforcements can make your windows stronger
  • Steel reinforcements are a great way bolster doors
  • If your place of business is well-lit, burglars can’t loiter in the shadows while they scope out your property
  • Make sure you have a good alarm system

If your locks (or any other aspect of your security system) are a concern, we can help you to beef up your business security.

We’re London’s business security experts, and we know how to keep offices safe.

If you need a London locksmith to keep burglars out of your building, get in touch. We offer free security audits and know how to stop burglars in their tracks. Give us a call!